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Say Hello to W&P New Arrivals!

Here at W&P, we offer a wide selection of eco-friendly drinkware and food storage products that are perfect for keeping your favorite foods and beverages fresh. Whether you're looking to replace your old plastic containers with something more sustainable or want to upgrade your kitchen with modern pieces, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’re always coming up with something new. Even if you already have a vast collection of our products, we encourage you to check back regularly to browse our new arrivals.


Brand-New Drinkware

Our insulated drinkware is designed to keep drinks hot or cold for longer and features vacuum insulation technology to ensure that your favorite drinks stay at the ideal temperature all day long. Plus, their airtight seal helps prevent any accidental spills during transportation. From fresh designs and colors to limited-edition collaborations, we have an assortment of new products you definitely don’t want to miss.


Fresh Food Storage Solutions

Our freezer storage containers provide an easy solution for storing leftovers or prepping meals in advance. Plus, we have food storage containers that are perfect for the pantry as well as lunch on the go. Our containers are made with BPA-free materials, making them safe and non-toxic. And they’re so stylish that you just might find yourself looking forward to meal prep and cleaning up after dinner.


Shop Our New Arrivals Today

At W&P, we’re always brewing up something new! Our products come in various shapes and sizes, plus they boast sleek finishes and soft curves that bring sophistication without compromising on quality or functionality. Browse W&P new arrivals today to say goodbye to single use plastics and welcome eco-friendly food and drink storage solutions into your home.