Roasted Pineapple Mezcal

October 09, 2015

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Our new book Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water is all easy ways to maximize flavor, and this week we are excited to demonstrate that concept with a recipe for Roasted Pineapple Mezcal.

A bold spirit like mezcal makes for a potent infusion. If you're not yet familiar with mezcal, think of it as tequila's more exciting cousin. Like tequila, it is distilled from the agave plant, but a unique underground roasting process gives mezcal a strikingly smoky taste.

In this recipe, we pair that complex flavor profile with the richly caramelized tropical fruit of roasted pineapple. The result: a flavorful twist on the classic margarita or a pleasant spirit to simply sip on its own—chased with a cold Mexican beer.

roasted pineapple mezcal

Roasted Pineapple Mezcal
Makes 12 oz

  • 12 one-inch cubes of fresh pineapple, peel removed
  • 12 oz of mezcal
  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Place the pineapple on an unlined nonstick baking sheet and roast for one hour (or until slightly browned). Let cool.
  2. Combine the pineapple and mezcal in a 16 oz Mason jar. Seal and shake for 30 seconds. Let sit at room temperature for 48 hours.
  3. Strain the mezcal through cheesecloth, squeezing out any excess liquid from the pineapple.
  4. Use the resulting spirit in cocktails or simply served over ice. The infusion will keep in the refrigerator for up to three months.