5 of the Best Coffee Mugs for Cold Days

December 26, 2022

If you love coffee, then you know there's nothing quite like a warm mug on a cold day. But with so many different types of coffee mugs out there, how do you choose the perfect one for those chilly days? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share the best coffee mugs for cold days, so you can enjoy your favorite brew no matter what the temperature is outside. From insulated mugs to ceramic masterpieces, we’ll help you find the perfect way to keep your coffee hot all winter long. So grab a cup and let’s get started!

1. Start Your Morning with a Warm Cup of Coffee in a Porter Mug from W&P

porter mug

Start your day off right with a warm cup of coffee in a Porter Mug from W&P. It’s one of the absolute best drinking mugs for any beverage lover, and it’s stylish enough to be used for any occasion. With its unique design, ceramic and silicone construction and modern aesthetic, this mug ensures that your morning coffee will never be mundane again. It even comes in multiple sizes and colors to suit your preferences and coffee-drinking habits. Our Porter Mug is sure to brighten up even the darkest and coldest winter morning!

2. Choose an Insulated Container for Sipping Slowly and Savoring Every Last Drop 

If you're looking for the perfect mug to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature while you slowly enjoy it, insulated drinkware is a great choice. With insulated drinkware, you can sip and savor your beverages with delight. It keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool, so you won’t have to worry about cooling down or heating up your coffee every few minutes during your workday. 

Plus, insulated drinking glasses and bottles come in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes that appeal to all preferences. Take your time enjoying your favorite brew from your insulated drinkware. It will keep things at just the right temperature until the very last drop.

3. A Unique Mug to Turn Heads at the Office

There’s no better way to make a lasting impression at the office than with a unique mug. Whether you’re looking for something that reflects your individual style or simply features a witty or humorous design, there’s an option to suit everyone. You could even have one of our mugs personalized. An eye-catching mug is a great way to get people talking around the coffee pot. After all, good conversation can make the day fly by and increase your productivity. A unique coffee mug can also help show off your personality and make you feel like you are expressing yourself rather than blending in.

4. A Pretty Mug That Will Make You Feel Like You’re at a Fancy Café

Have you been looking for something special to upgrade your home or office coffee station? Look no further than one of our Porter Mugs featuring a timeless terrazzo pattern. With one of these beautiful mugs, you will feel like you’re at a fancy café every time you enjoy a hot beverage. The design is sure to liven up any atmosphere and will be the ideal companion for your latte, cappuccino or whatever hot beverage you enjoy. 

5. A Tumbler for When You Need an Extra Large Dose of Caffeine to Get Through the Day 

porter insulated tumbler

When you need a big jolt of caffeine to get through a long day, the Porter Insulated Tumbler is the way to go. This tumbler features double-walled insulation, which keeps your favorite hot beverage at its ideal temperature for much longer than ordinary containers. It’s great for keeping iced coffee cold too! Plus, it holds 20 ounces to ensure you have enough caffeine to power through your day. It’s made with high-grade stainless steel and features a sleek design, so it looks as good as it performs. No need to worry about spilling or splashes either — it even has a splash-resistant sliding lid to prevent messes. 


No matter what kind of coffee drinker you are, we have the perfect mug for you in our collection. Start your morning off right with a warm cup of joe in a Porter Mug, or curl up with a cozy cappuccino in one of our large insulated drinking glasses on a cold winter’s night. Need an extra large dose of caffeine to get through the day? We’ve got you covered there too. Shop the collection of mugs at W&P today to find your new favorite.