5 Ways to Use Insulated Drinking Cups

September 12, 2022

Insulated cups are essential for people who like to drink chilled refreshments since they can guarantee the refreshment stays cold for a more extended timeframe. They also assist with safeguarding fingers from frostbite. Many individuals will have an insulated glass cup to hydrate at whatever point and any place they are outside. Drinking from an insulated cup is an incredible method for remaining hydrated while voyaging or at work.

Insulated glass cups are the ideal way to drink cold beverages during summer without stressing about the sun’s intensity influencing your beverage's temperature. They are ideal for mid-day break soft drinks, chilled espresso drinks, cold brew coffee and whatever other cool refreshments you enjoy — even your favorite adult beverages!

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An insulated cup will keep your beverage warm too. This is great because, let’s face it, few things are worse than reaching for your cup of coffee mid-day only to realize that it’s gone completely cold. With insulated drinkware, you can hydrate anywhere and everywhere. It comes in a variety of styles and is extremely versatile. Keep reading to discover a few ways to use insulated drinking cups!

Using Your New Drinkware

Insulated drinkware is super popular right now for various reasons. Besides the fact that it fills a few significant needs, it makes staying hydrated or even enjoying a meal easier than many folks would have ever imagined possible. Here are a few of the many ways in which you can use your cups, bottles and tumblers. 

1. Insulated Drinkware Is Perfect for Travel

The main reason people reach for insulated drinkware is so they can take their favorite beverages with them. It comes in various sizes and styles to fit vehicles’ cup holders. And because the containers have sealed tops, the vehicle stays immaculate, even when traversing rough and uneven streets. Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, bike or even foot, carrying insulated drinkware is the best way to stay hydrated on the go. 

2. Keep Drinks Cold OR Hot

If you think insulated tumblers and bottles are just for cold beverages, think again! They are great for coffee, tea and other warm drinks too. If you are someone who starts each morning with a steaming hot cup of coffee, one of these containers eliminates the need to drink your favorite brew as quickly as possible to keep it from getting cold. Plus, using an insulated tumbler means you’ll be able to enjoy a sip of your warm beverage throughout the day when you need a boost.

3. Keep Adult Beverages at the Perfect Temperature

Have you noticed that some insulated cups closely resemble the shape of the top piece of a wine glass? Fortuitous coincidence? Nope! They are made to hold wine, beer, mixed drinks and other adult beverages while maintaining the appropriate temperature. No matter what type of drink you enjoy, you can savor it longer when you pour it into an insulated tumbler

4. Pack Soups and Stews

When cool weather rolls around, there’s nothing quite like warming up with a hearty soup or stew. With the right insulated container, you can pack a warm meal and enjoy it later in the day, even if you don’t have access to a microwave. Pack soup for lunch or fill an insulated bottle with stew before heading out for a wintertime hike, and say goodbye to cold sandwiches that do nothing to warm you up.

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5. Fill Up on Frozen Yogurt

Do you enjoy frozen yogurt during the summer but hate going to take a bite and discovering a soupy mess? Try carrying your favorite sweet treat insulated drinkware. The perfect way to enjoy cold food on the go, an insulated tumbler is the perfect size for frozen yogurt (or ice cream if you prefer). 


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Insulated drinkware is helpful in more ways than one. It’s perfect for movement since it won’t spill or break in your vehicle and saves your favorite refreshments, hot or cold, for quite a long time. It’s preferred for the climate over paper or foam cups, too, so by ditching your single-use drinkware for reusable alternatives, you are doing your part to save the planet. At W&P, we’re your source for high-quality insulated drinkware you can depend on. Check out our full collection today to find exactly what you need.