Why Ice Matters

November 20, 2018


Do you find homemade drinks never quite live up to cocktail bar expectations? Chances are, the problem is lurking in your freezer. As any mixologist knows, ice does more than keep your drink cold. It also impacts the look and flavor of your favorite beverage. The rate of dilution directly affects the overall balance of ingredients. If your ice was left uncovered in the freezer, it’s adding unpleasant absorbed odors to your cocktails. 

While you may be tempted to purchase an ice machine so you can produce high-quality ice cubes at home, doing so isn’t always the best option. These devices take up a lot of counter space and, while they’re helpful for ice production, most don’t offer many options in terms of ice cube shapes. A nugget ice maker is ideal for making ice to use in coolers for refrigeration, but it isn’t very helpful when it comes to crafting a perfect cocktail.

At W&P, we understand the challenges and are here to help you craft high-quality cocktails featuring clear ice cubes in the comfort of your home bar. Our Peak collection was designed to elevate everyday drinks, bringing speakeasy-quality ice to your home freezer.

The Five Essential Cubes

Not all ice cubes are the same. While you may be used to seeing plain blocks of ice or ice chips, there are lots of other shapes out there. And using the appropriate shape and size makes a big difference in terms of more than just appearance. It also impacts the flavor and dilution rate of any drink. 

Our Everyday Ice Tray makes twelve 1" cubes suitable for all basic cocktail-making needs. Shaking up a classic Martini or a margarita on the rocks? This is your go-to ice. Unlike the ice cube trays you may already have in your freezer, our Everyday Ice Tray has a lid to help keep odors and contaminants out of your ice. 

Big cubes melt more slowly than small ones, so reach for our Extra Large Ice Cube Tray or Sphere Ice Mold when making strong cocktails that you don’t want to water down — like a Negroni or an Old Fashioned! Large cubes and spheres also look quite impressive in a glass.

Ideal for frozen drinks, crushed ice, sometimes called crunchy ice, releases water more quickly into the cocktail, smoothing out sharp flavors in a drink and binding the ingredients together. Our Crushed Ice Tray spares your blender’s motor and yields an excellent mint julep, Moscow mule or any other craft cocktail.

Tall glasses help bubbles last longer — from gin and tonic to a classic Tom Collins. Our Collins Ice Tray makes four ice spears custom fit for a highball glass.

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Tips for Perfect Ice Making

If you want to create beautiful, crystal-clear ice cubes, it’s all about technique. Having the right ice cube trays is a good starting point, but there are still some other tips you should know. 

Filter your water. Whether you’re making ice spheres, cubes or something else, starting with clean, filtered water yields the best results. In addition to using a water filter, you may want to install a water softener or boil your water prior to freezing it into ice cubes.  The better the water quality, the better the quality of the ice. 

Freeze your ice slowly. There are a few ways to do this. You could adjust the temperature on your freezer or simply place your ice trays in a cooler or thermos to provide insulation and slow the freezing process. 

Make sure you are using high-quality ice trays. Silicone trays are much better than hard plastic ones. At W&P, we have ice trays to help you create any type of drink you like. Explore our entire line of Peak ice trays and molds, including eye-catching Clear Ice Mold, slim and tall Water Bottle Ice Spears and our all-in-one Peak Ice Set.