Why Ice Matters

November 20, 2018

Do you find homemade drinks never quite live up to cocktail bar expectations? Chances are, the problem is lurking in your freezer. Ice does more than keep your drink cold. The rate of dilution directly affects the overall balance of ingredients, and if your ice was left uncovered in the freezer, it's adding unpleasant absorbed odors to your cocktails. Our Peak collection was designed to elevate everyday drinks, bringing speakeasy-quality ice to your home freezer.

The Five Essential Cubes

Our Everyday Ice Tray makes twelve 1" cubes suitable for all basic cocktail-making needs. Shaking up a classic Martini or a margarita on the rocks? This is your go-to ice.  

Big cubes melt more slowly than small ones, so reach for our Extra Large Ice Cube Tray or Sphere Ice Mold when making strong cocktails that you don't want to water down—like a Negroni or an Old Fashioned!

Ideal for frozen drinks, crushed ice releases water more quickly into the cocktail, smoothing out sharp flavors in a drink and binding the ingredients together. Our Crushed Ice Tray spares your blender's motor and yields an excellent mint julep or Moscow mule.

Tall glasses help bubbles last longer—from gin and tonic to a classic Tom Collins. Our Collins Ice Tray makes four ice spears custom fit for a highball glass.

Explore our entire line of Peak ice trays and molds, including eye-catching Clear Ice, slim and tall Water Bottle Ice Spears, and our all-in-one Peak Ice Set.

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