What to Eat While You Spritz

May 22, 2018


You've got your bubbly, bright beverage. You've got your beautiful summer day. What are you missing? Snacks. That's right—spritz snacks.

    With its low-ABV appeal, the spritz was meant for all-day drinking. So we're not talking about a full, sit-down meal. Instead, the spritz calls for slow and steady grazing—nibbling on olives, potato chips, crostini, cheese and other small bites.

    In Venice—the hometown of spritz—these small bites are called cicchetti (coming from the Latin word ciccus, meaning "small quantity"). Similar to Spanish tapas, Basque pintxos and other small plate traditions around the globe, these savory snacks are the perfect fuel for a low key bar crawl.

    A few essential spritz snacks to try?

    • Cheese - alongside spiced nuts, crackers or olives
    • Fried food - from potato chips to zucchini fritters or seafood fritto misto
    • Crostini—like these ricotta / anchovy toasts from Host
    • Tinned seafood—from mussels, to sardines or octopus

    Of course, it all starts with a great cocktail. Get started with our Spritz Syrups >

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