W&T Seafood

May 02, 2016

Last Friday, W&T Seafood stopped by our office in Greenpoint to teach us all about oysters. Crystal Cun, W&T Seafood's Business Development and Communications Coordinator, spoke to use about the different types of oyster species, the flavor profiles and even showed up how to shuck an oyster!

There are five species of oysters commercially grown in North America: Eastern, Pacific, Kumamoto, European Flat and Olympia. Each variety has a unique look and taste due to the "merroir," the flavors imparted by the areas of the sea in which the oyster is grown. Common flavor profiles found in oysters include saltiness, metallic, and fishiness.

After learning about the oyster itself, we got our hands dirty shucking oysters. It's not as easy as it looks, but as Cun said, "oysters taste better when you shuck them yourself!"

Thanks for stopping by, W&T Seafood. If you're ever looking to buy oysters, be sure to check them out!