The Italian Spritz Cocktail Syrup

May 12, 2018

The Italian Spritz

Designed to replicate the herbal-citrus profile of aperitivo liqueurs, our Italian Spritz Syrup is a classic mixer for sparkling cocktails and mocktails. Below, we share a classic spritz recipe—plus a few creative ways to mix things up!

The Classic
1/2 oz syrup + 4 oz Prosecco. Stir over ice, garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!

The Mocktail
1/2 oz syrup + 4 oz seltzer. Pure and simple.

The Half-n-Half
1/2 oz syrup + 2 oz Prosecco + 2 oz seltzer. Inspired by the low ABV tradition of all-day spritzing.

The Dark + Bubbly
1/2 oz syrup + 2 oz Lambrusco (sparkling red wine) + 2 oz seltzer. Garnish with a blood orange for an extra dramatic garnish.

Or give these mixers a try: grapefruit or bitter orange soda, sparkling rosé or fresh citrus juices. Once you whip up something you love, share it on Instagram with the hashtag #ShowYourSpritz!
    The Dark and Bubbly