Cocktails At 30,000 Feet: Try This TSA-Approved Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

April 27, 2015

Introducing the first addition to our Carry On Cocktail Kit line: the Gin & Tonic Carry On Cocktail Kit! This world-renowned British cocktail first became popular due to the medicinal qualities of cinchona bark—an essential ingredient in all-natural tonic, which is actually light orange in color. Today, it's most associated with the cocktail bars of Spain, where G&T obsession is a national pastime.

The TSA-approved kit includes the tools you need to craft two classic gin & tonics mid-flight, including a small-batch tonic syrup that puts the canned stuff to shame. Packaged neatly in a crisp white enamel travel tin with a linen napkin, it's the classiest summer drink you'll find at 30,000 feet.