The Dovetail Spring Collection

February 27, 2018

dovetail spring 2018 books
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From energizing Ayurvedic recipes, to cooking that complements craft beer, to soil-free farming at home, our spring '18 titles are designed to educate and inspire. Whether you want to boost your health and wellness, cultivate a green thumb or hold your own with the beer nerds, we invite you to turn a new page.

OJAS: Drawing from centuries-old Ayurvedic wisdom, author Nira Kehar caters to our modern dietary sensibilities: eating with the seasons, healing ourselves with food from the inside out, and listening to our bodies’ individual needs.

Ditch the Dirt: In this stunning, photo-driven guide to soil-free gardening, author Rob Laing provides readers with a guide to hydroponic farming at home—plus, a comprehensive glossary of flavorful, hydro-friendly herbs.

The Beer Pantry: Where most beer-driven cookbooks focus on cooking with beer, author Adam Dulye presents a primer on cooking that complements beer, teaching readers how to pair their favorite craft brews with culinary ingredients.

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