Spicy Marg To-Go

February 20, 2018

margarita to-go

Ready to take your tequila on the road? Channel your best beach vacation with this Marg To-Go recipe from Road Soda, the latest cocktail book from our publishing imprint, Dovetail.

Author Kara Newman recommends making this cocktail in two stages, freezing an ice cube right in the bag. Using extra large (see: slow melting) cubes would work as well!

Spicy Marg To-Go
Each recipe makes 1 serving

¾ ounce water
2 ounces blanco tequila
1 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce lime juice
1 to 2 thin slices fresh jalapeño (optional)

Pour the water into a ziplock bag. Seal the bag tightly and set it upright in the freezer. Freeze for at least 3 hours and preferably for 12 hours.

Pour the tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Shake (without ice) until well blended, then pour into the plastic bag without disrupting the ice. If you want to include the jalapeño, add it 2 to 3 hours before you plan to drink the cocktail, then return the bag to freezer. (Note that the drink itself won’t freeze solid.) If you choose not to include the jalapeño, you can enjoy the cocktail immediately.

When you’re ready to imbibe, shake the sealed bag gently to mix the cocktail. The ice at the bottom may have partially melted into the drink, and it may break into smaller pieces; both are desirable. Shake gently once again to chill the cocktail. Open the zip top at one end and insert a straw.