Road Soda Launch Party

October 04, 2017

road soda 1

On October 3rd, we hosted a party at The Up & Up in Greenwich Village to celebrate the launch of Road Soda by Kara Newman a new fall release from our publishing imprint Dovetail. Road Soda offers recipes and techniques for making great drinks anywhere and the launch party celebrated both Kara’s expertise and the contributors who shared their knowledge in the book.

road soda 2

We transformed The Up & Up into a road-trip-themed enclave, complete with specialty cocktails from the book as well as Pirouline cookies, which peeped out of McDonald’s paper fries sleeves and Igloo coolers holding an array of on-the-go-snacks.

road soda 3 road soda 4

road soda 5

Order your own copy of Road Soda, if you haven’t already! Cheers to the road.