New Year, New Kitchen: How to Organize Your Kitchen

December 29, 2022

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The new year is the perfect time to start fresh, and what better way to do that than by organizing your kitchen? Whether you want to achieve the perfect pantry or just get rid of some of the clutter, these tips will help you create a space that works for you. And who knows? Maybe this will be the year you finally master meal prep!

Invest in Some High-Quality Storage Containers

Investing in food storage containers is a smart way to make sure your food stays fresh and delicious. In addition to safely storing leftovers, the right containers can keep certain ingredients close at hand. You can even use them to prepare meals in advance. 

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When it comes to food storage, don’t be afraid to think outside the box — or should we say bag? Reusable silicone food bags are a great option when you want to kick single-use plastics to the curb. They come in a variety of sizes, are totally leakproof and can keep food securely stored for days. No matter what you’re storing — from dry goods like pasta or beans to liquids like stock or soup — reusable silicone food bags are a great choice for organizing your kitchen.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

If you want to make more space in your kitchen, one of the best things you can do is get rid of anything that you don’t use. Think about those old pots, pans and small appliances that are taking up cabinet space. Have you used them in the last year? If not, maybe it’s time to let them go. Consider donating or selling any still-useful items. Don’t forget to check your pantry and drawers too. If you have gadgets or utensils that haven’t been used recently, you probably don’t need them. You may be surprised at how liberating it feels to clear the clutter and free up room for just what you need. It’s a great way to kick-start your organization project!

Empty and Clean Your Cupboards


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Tackling kitchen cupboards can feel intimidating, especially if they’ve been neglected for a while. Before you start, take a few deep breaths and remember that re-organizing your cupboards is an opportunity to declutter and make them more efficient. Empty the cupboard one item at a time, discarding expired food and anything unwanted. 

Wipe down the surfaces with a soapy cloth or cleaner to get rid of any lingering dirt or dust. Then it’s time to categorize items, which will help you keep them organized for easy access when you need them next. Try using baskets or containers to bring order to the way your items are stored, making sure everything has its own spot. Enjoy a feeling of accomplishment as you transform disorganized cupboards into neat places where you can quickly find everything you need to prepare a meal.

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Organize Your Fridge and Freezer

Keeping your fridge and freezer organized is a great way to save time, make meal planning easier and ensure your food stays fresh. It’s also an important step in overall kitchen organization. First, make sure it’s set at the correct temperature. What temperature should a refrigerator be? We recommend setting it at 38-40°F for optimum safety. Aim to arrange food items in their own designated areas so that similar foods are grouped together. Don’t leave anything open, and always store leftovers in airtight containers to prevent food odors from transferring. 

Form a Kitchen Organizational Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Creating an organizational plan for your kitchen can seem daunting, but the benefits make it worth it in the end. You’ll save time and reduce stress, and you won’t have to rummage around for items when you need them. To start, take a good look at your kitchen and assess what should stay and what could go. Get rid of anything that’s collecting dust or taking up valuable space. Once complete, decide how to organize each drawer and cabinet according to your needs. If you know you only use your blender once a week, store it in the back of a cupboard instead of on the countertop. 

Assign different areas for items like everyday dishes, cooking utensils and small appliances that you use on a regular basis — this will make them easy to access when needed. Finally re-evaluate your system every few months to ensure everything stays tidy and efficient. If not, make adjustments. The key to maintaining an organized kitchen is setting it up in a way that works for you. 


Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to get your kitchen organized in the new year. If you need any help along the way, we’re here for you. Check out our complete collection of food and beverage storage options to find the perfect solutions for your newly organized space.