Entrepreneur On-The-Go: Mike Macadaan

July 16, 2018

As the CEO and Creative Director for THIS IS GROUND, Mike Macadaan lives and breathes all things travel. Whether dreaming up the world's best backpack—or a better way to keep cords neatly stowed away—his taste in stylish on-the-go accessories is all but unrivaled.

Mike Macadaan

My next travel destination: Vancouver, British Columbia

My go-to carry on bag: Our THIS IS GROUND Venture Backpack under the seat and Mod Mobile on the tray.

Three items I always have in my carry on: iPad, headphones and a lightning cable. If it was four, then I’d sneak in The Bloody Mary Carry On Cocktail Kit ;)

Best airplane food experience: I discovered Justin’s Peanut Butter many years ago on a flight and still eat it today.

Worst airplane food experience: I once bought some sushi at Burbank Airport, woofed it down and felt ill for the flight. So avoid the Burbank Airport sushi.

Favorite airport in the world: I once won $1000 on a slot machine at the Las Vegas airport, so I’m going to say that one.

How I cope with long-haul flights: I like to get on the time zone of where I’m traveling to prior to flying. I do that by forcing deep sleep in the afternoon 1 or 2 days before I fly.

Venture Backpack
The most interesting person I've met in transit: I’d call this more of an interesting occurrence than a "person," but in 1994, I met OJ Simpson at the Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. At the time I was pretty excited and asked for his autograph. I actually didn’t have a pen or paper, so he signed the screen of my digital organizer with a stylus. Later that year, I saw the famous Ford Bronco chase on a TV in a restaurant in St. Louis.

One meaningful thing the jet-set lifestyle has taught me: I grew up in the Bay area, and always felt that there couldn’t be a better place to live. Then, when I was 20, I traveled to Florence to celebrate my 21st birthday with a few friends. I then spent 3 months immersed in Italian life. What I learned on that trip is reaffirmed everytime I travel: experiencing cultural differences is one of the most inspiring activities. It was eye-opening from the standpoint of pausing life as I knew it and getting a taste of what the Italians valued. Since then, I do my best to experience the local lifestyle of destinations as much as I can.

Mod Mobile

Photos compliments of Mike Macadaan / THIS IS GROUND