Meet The W&P X Daniella Monet Limited-Edition Bundle

July 11, 2023

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with our friend Daniella Monet on a new limited-edition collaboration. Introducing the W&P X Daniella Monet Bundle, a curated set of W&P essentials to help you eliminate single-use plastics in your kitchen, handpicked by Daniella herself! 

Daniella shared some thoughts on what makes this bundle so special:

"I'm so excited about this collaboration because it's something I have been wanting to do for years now! The easiest way to reduce our single-use plastic consumption is to arm yourself with the right products that can replace the need for them, and W&P products are the solution to this problem. 

Not only am I conscious of the environment, I care a lot about choosing products that I can trust around my food. I thought long and hard about the curation of this specific bundle and couldn’t be more excited about the products that I’ve included. I absolutely love the quality, that’s what draws me to W&P. Value is really important to me, and I feel like that’s exactly what you get with the W&P X Daniella Monet Bundle.”

This bundle is exclusively available in the Cream and Charcoal colorways and includes: 

  • 16oz Seal Tight Glass Bowl - “These bowls are leakproof and wrapped in protective silicone in all the right places for a solid grip — I trust my toddlers with them. I use the Seal Tight Bowl for everything from snacks for the kids to lunch on the go. They’re especially great for soups and dips!”

  • Reusable Stretch Wrap - “I use these wraps constantly. Any half-eaten fruit or vegetable gets wrapped in one almost every day. I also love using them to cover plates for quick food storage, or if I’m missing a matching lid for a bowl, I’ll throw the stretch wrap on instead!”

  • 10oz, 34oz, and 46oz Silicone Bags - “I prefer silicone bags over plastic bags any day. I obviously use them for food, but they’re also great for my kids' craft supplies, makeup, and more. I always bring them when traveling!”

Daniella Monet is a vegan entrepreneur and co-founder of Kinder Beauty, the #1 vegan beauty subscription box. She recently launched Kinder Beauty podcast A Little Kinder and hosts the weekly podcast Adulting Like A Mother Father with her husband Andrew Gardner. She also recently launched Daniella's Digest, a membership app designed to help you live your most amazing, conscious, plant-based life.