Meet the Porter Bag — A Better Bag for Easy, Clean Meal Prep & Storage

January 10, 2021

Been cooking a lot these days? Us too. We’ve used Porter Bowls and make-and-take containers for meal prep and storage, but something was missing — we needed a better, reusable version of the plastic storage bag.

Enter the Porter Bag, our reusable silicone bags offering equal parts design and utility. The Porter Bag is a new kitchen staple you can use to freeze, steam, store, sous-vide, and preserve your food, and it was born from months of innovation and iteration. We thought through everything, and we’re excited to get these sustainable Porter Bags into your kitchen:

  • A secure, easy-open seal keeps contents (dry or wet) protected during transport and storage
  • Airtight seal helps you reduce food waste — press air out of the Porter Bag before sealing for extra freshness
  • Crafted from one single piece of food-grade silicone, the Porter Bag offers sturdy construction and peace of mind, with no chemicals, glues, or adhesives
  • Its one-piece design enables you to flip it inside out to clean it (you can even throw it in the dishwasher), and curved corners ensure there are no hard-to-reach spots that trap pesky buildup. 
  • A clear front allows for easy viewing of contents with a stylish back panel for a sleek pop of color

We designed the Porter Bag in 5 sizes with both layflat and standup designs to cover all your needs:

  • The 10 oz Porter Bag is ideal for snacks of all shapes from blueberries to pretzel sticks, or even half an onion, avocado, or block of cheese
  • The 34 oz Porter Bag is ideal for holding a sandwich or frozen smoothie ingredients, packing a handful of chips and cookies, or freezing scraps and peelings for broths
  • The 46 oz Porter Bag is ideal for freezing soups for compact, flat storage, freezing whole bananas and other fruit for smoothies, marinating meat and poultry, and freezing (and defrosting) portions of meat
  • The 36 oz Standup Porter Bag is easy to load, unload, and store upright, making it ideal for storing frozen fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs in the fridge, and bunches of grapes
  • The 50 oz Standup Porter Bag is ideal for holding dry grains, leftover chips, and frozen cookie dough balls

Like the rest of our Porter Collection, the Porter Bag is a sleek way to curb single-use plastics, and we think you’ll find it immensely versatile and usable. Plus, don’t put this new Porter baby in a corner — the Porter Bag has many other storage uses, such as office supplies, jewelry, matches, toiletries, or even a wet swimsuit.

Shop the Porter Bag here, and show us how you use yours by tagging @wandpdesign #myporterbag on Instagram.