Introducing the RANCH Cookbook

January 23, 2019

If the mere mention of Saved by the Bell, fanny packs and Mountain Dew has you feeling nostalgic (and old!), let us take you back to the glory days and revisit a cultural icon from your neon-colored past: ranch dressing. Ranch is a celebration in cookbook form of this iconic sauce, which single-handedly taught generations of picky eaters to enjoy salad (while also adorning products from pizza to Doritos).

In 60 inspired recipes, we’re taking our obsession with ranch to new heights and giving it a fresh face. Learn to make multiple versions from scratch; then fold it into comforting snacks, sophisticated dips, grain bowls and salads—as well as brunch dishes, meat marinades and pasta sauces.

Your guide on this journey is author Abby Reisner—a veritable child of the 90s and current Editorial Director for Tasting Table—who applies her culinary know-how to old school and new school ranch recipes alike. With a heaping dose of neon, nostalgia and Memphis design-inspired art direction by W&P's own Lead Designer Chris Santone, this is one cookbook equally suited for your coffee table and your kitchen bookshelf. 

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