Introducing Ice Tray Treats by Olivia Mack McCool

April 02, 2019

Is there anything better than a sweet treat on a warm summer day? We don’t think so! We also don’t think that you need to buy pre-made ice cream, froyo pops or even chocolate truffles from your local grocery store the next time you are craving something sweet. 

Instead, check out Ice Tray Treats, written by Olivia Mack McCool and available right here at W&P! This cookbook is filled with recipes for all sorts of delicious desserts and snacks. The best part? You don’t need anything fancy to make them! If you have silicone ice cube trays, you have the main tool needed to craft everything from goat cheese and blueberry cheesecake bites to grapefruit and rosemary jellies

Silicone Ice Trays Aren’t Just for Making Ice!

If you've ever used our Peak Ice Trays, you've experienced their sleek and stable silicone design. From filling to freezing to popping out an individual cube, chilling out with a drink has never been so effortless. 

But sometime last year, we had a stroke of genius. We realized that, beyond ice, these trays could be used to craft delicious, no-bake desserts that range from peanut butter cups to cheesecake, to crispy rice treats. And, thus, Ice Tray Treats was born. 

Authored by Olivia Mack McCool (who also wrote our cookbook, Lunch!), this collection of 40+ recipes for no-bake desserts is an ingenious alternative to traditional pastry cookbooks. This book is one of our best sellers and definitely a cookbook you will want to add to your collection! To celebrate, we've also created two new sprinkle-print colors of our Peak Everyday and Extra Large ice trays.

Create Yummy Snacks and Desserts at Home

This cookbook is filled with recipes for impressive after-dinner indulgences that are easy enough for virtually anyone to make. These sweet treats don’t require any baking. Whether you’re in the mood for panna cotta, truffles or something else, you’ll have no trouble finding a yummy recipe when browsing the Ice Tray Treats book

Ice cube tray recipes are super easy to follow, even if you do not have any previous cooking skills. Most of the recipes in this book simply require you to combine ingredients, dump them in an ice cube tray and chill. With our Everyday Ice Tray and a copy of Ice Tray Treats, you’ll be well on your way to creating frozen treats to enjoy yourself or share with others. 

Ice Tray Treats features more than 40 dessert recipes and beautiful photos to inspire your inner chef. Whether you already know your way around the kitchen or have trouble boiling water, these recipes are written using easy-to-understand language and rely on simple techniques anyone can master. 

Ice Tray Treats: Effortless Chilled Desserts That Everyone Will Love

The next time you’re enjoying a meal at home with someone special, don’t fret over baking a perfect dessert. Instead, prepare an effortless chilled dessert. The recipes found in this book are also ideal when you want to bring an impressive dessert to an event but don’t want to spend the entire day baking. 

If you are ready to try your hand at making yummy no-bake desserts, order your copy of Ice Tray Treats and an ice cube mold or two to get started!