Introducing "Ice Tray Treats"

April 02, 2019

If you've ever used our Peak Ice Trays, you've experienced their sleek and stable silicone design. From filling to freezing to popping out an individual cube, chilling out with a drink has never been so effortless. 

But sometime last year, we had a stroke of genius. We realized that, beyond ice, these trays could be used to craft delicious, no-bake desserts that range from peanut butter cups, to cheesecake, to rice krispie treats. And thus, Ice Tray Treats was born.

Authored by Olivia Mack McCool (who also wrote our cookbook, Lunch!), this collection of 40+ recipes for no-bake desserts is an ingenious alternative to traditional pastry cookbooks. To celebrate, we've also created two new sprinkle-print colors of our Peak Everyday and Extra Large ice trays.

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