Frequent Fliers—Travel Hacks from the W&P Team

November 20, 2018

From day one, W&P has been an international business, with partners and suppliers across the globe. Our Brooklyn-based team has been known to do their fair share of business-and-pleasure travel, so we asked our in-house frequent fliers to share their favorite travel hacks.

Suitcase Strategy: "If you have a significant other who is minimal, you can 'accidentally' sneak your excess into their suitcase pre-flight, resulting in two semi-minimal individuals. Also known as The Life-Changing Magic of Fake Minimalism." - Ryan, Sales

Elbow Room to Spare: "When traveling, I prefer to pick the aisle or window in row 13. It tends to be one of the last rows to fill up (lucky #13) and you're likely to have an empty seat next to you!" - Elizabeth, Marketing

A Layover You'll Love: "London Heathrow! Place is like an amusement park. Best shopping, best chocolate (UK chocolate = best), tons of lounges, and the most interesting crowd!" - Monish, Parcel Supply

Keeping up Appearances: "The only way I can survive long-haul flights (I’m talking JFK to Hong Kong) is to make sure I’m staying fresh. I always pack Colgate Disposable Tooth Brushes, my Porter Bottle, a neck pillow and multiple face masks—not the cream type that you rinse off, but the saturated cloth masks where you rub in the excess while other passengers stare at you. I just smile right back like, 'Don't judge, my skin is flawless.'" - Tyler, Operations

It Never Hurts to Ask: I always ask if there are upgrades available (literally pointing at my 6'4" husband and saying, "He is tall, do you have an upgrade?") Here's the trick: you are more likely to get it if you don't look like you rolled out of bed. Generally, we get exit rows, but twice we got upgraded to business class, so it's worth the effort! - Paige, Sales 

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Photo Credit @ksushas