Entertaining Made Easy

November 20, 2018

Hosting friends at home doesn't have to be a fussy affair. Living in New York, our Brooklyn-based team knows a few things about making do with tiny kitchens—and only a handful of us have dining rooms! That's why we rounded up the multi-functional essentials that keep us ready for greeting guests at all times.

Prep Your Pantry

Wondering how certain friends seem to pull parties together out of nothing? Having a few essential items on hand can make hosting a heck of a lot easier:

Serving Board: There's nothing we love more than a double-duty tool that earns its place in your pantry. Our Host Board is designed to be both a multi-purpose cutting board and a stylish surface for serving cheese and charcuterie.

Carafe: Mixing up cocktails one-by-one is no way to spend your night. Many classic cocktails are easy to whip up in a batch—so long as you have a large carafe to house the ingredients. 

Cheese Knife: Skip those 3- or 4-piece knife sets (who actually knows what each of them do?). Our all-in-one cheese knife slices, spreads and spears with ease. 

Ice Trays: Great ice is one of the easiest way to upgrade your entertaining cred. Our silicone-and-steel trays were designed for spill-free filling, flexible release of individual cubes and easy stacking.

Bottle Opener: The hardest part of starting any party is finding your corkscrew or beer capper. Our permanent solution? A stylish, all-in-one bottle opener with a custom magnetic dock. 

Go Plateless

If mingling is what you have in mind—or you don't have a dining room to begin with—nothing is easier than an appetizers-only menu. We love these pickable, pinchable snacks that require only one hand (so the other can keep track of your cocktail, of course). 

Put it on ToastWhip up a modern riff on bruschetta, from avocado toast to sauteed mushrooms or a ricotta spread. 

A Better Cheese Board: Go beyond cheese cubes with a grown-up cheese board that will impress your family and friends.

Nobody Hates Nachos: Upgrade the classic pairing of chips and cheese with trendy toppings like radishes and Aleppo pepper.  

Lettuce Entertain You: From sesame chicken to spicy shrimp, serve bite-size protein without utensils via clever lettuce wraps. 

There's Always Tacos: Build your own taco bar for a DIY dinner your friends will beg you to repeat.

Chocolate Cravings: The easiest possible dessert? Broken up bars of chocolate with assorted dried and fresh fruit. Or get creative with a batch of homemade chocolate "bark."

Cocktails for a Crowd

There's no reason to serve complicated cocktails or man the bar all night. Many classic cocktails can scaled-up in batches—like a classic Negroni—or you can opt to make a modern party punch. Even simpler? Make a DIY cocktail station with your booze of choice, tonic, bitters and fresh citrus. For the ultimate no-fuss bartending, our Craft Cocktail Syrups eliminate the need for fresh ingredients. Just add the hard stuff, stir and serve.

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