Dovetail Press: New Titles for Fall

October 03, 2017

Dovetail Press Fall 2017 Cookbooks
New Releases from Dovetail Press

This fall, we add three new titles to our Dovetail Press collection: Eat What You Watch, Road Soda and Away & Aware. Each of these titles celebrates an escape from the everyday, whether through your favorite films, the satisfaction of a Macgyver-worthy drink or the relaxation of mindful travel.

Eat What You Watch: Authored by Andrea Rea of the hit YouTube channel “Binging with Babish,” this cookbook recreates recipes from more than 40 iconic movie moments. From the elaborate timpano in Big Night to the redemptive birthday cake in Sixteen Candles, cinephiles will find all the inspiration they need for their next movie night!

Road Soda: From airplane drink carts to hotel mini bars – and even the great outdoors – Wine Enthusiast’s Kara Newman authors a collection of on-the-road recipes to satisfy your cocktail cravings. Chock-full of tall tales, tips and tricks from leading bartenders and spirit enthusiasts, Road Soda is an entertaining read for the home bartender and frequent traveler alike.

Away & Aware: In an ever-connected age dominated by devices, more and more travelers are using their vacation time to unplug and re-engage with the present moment. Authored by former Travel + Leisure journalist Sara Clemence, this “field guide to mindful travel” helps readers maximize their time off-the-grid.