Traveling like a Pro with Christina Pérez

July 10, 2018

As a regular contributor to Departures and Vogue, Christina Pérez is no stranger to traveling the globe in style. We checked in with the Greenpoint local (hey Brooklyn neighbor!) to learn how she stays centered on the road.

Christina L Perez

My go-to carry on bag: Paravel's Main Line Duffel in leather and canvas.

Three items I always have in my carry on: A silk eye mask, Caudalie Beauty Elixir facial mist and a soft cover journal from Poppin.

In-flight self-care: For skin, I love Jaboneria Marinella Royal Kalahari serum roller. It moisturizes like no other.

Best airplane food experience: I'm allergic to wheat and I'm a pescatarian, so— save for the lucky occasions I'm flying business—I usually bring my own food. But, in general, I think Cathay Pacific, Air France and British Airways have the best in-flight meals.

Worst airplane food experience: On my last flight, from Dublin to New York, the only meal option was some kind of hot pasta dish. It was served with a cold pasta salad on the side and a slice of bread. It was a long, sad flight for me.

Advice for surviving long-haul flights: A frequent around-the-world traveler gave me this advice many years ago: "Exercise before the flight. Eat a really great meal before you board. Once in-flight, don't eat or drink anything except for water." It's really, really hard to stick to that on a long flight, but the handful of times I've managed it, I've been remarkably jet lag free—even when coming back from Asia.

Memorable in-flight experience: One year I flew from New York to Milwaukee to surprise my mother for her birthday. She was on her way to celebrate in Vegas, so I boarded her flight after she was already seated, and just sat down next her. Surprise! That was pretty memorable.

My next travel destination: Sri Lanka to surf and explore.

Favorite airport in the world: It's a tie between Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

One meaningful thing frequent travel has taught me: Traveling is one of the most empowering things I've ever done. It's taught me to trust myself, to be more present and more open. I'm consistently surprised and touched by the kindness I encounter when I'm out there alone in the world, far from home. The strangers who have pointed me in the right direction, who have looked out for me, who have taken the time to share some part of their lives. It's inspiring how giving and kind most people are. It gives me hope. Traveling's taught me to be more positive and to believe in the good. And, most importantly, to continue to seek it out.

Christina L Perez carry on

Photos compliments of Christina Pérez