Chasing Culinary Stories with Antonio Diaz

July 12, 2018

As the founder and Editor in Chief of Life & Thyme, it's Antonio Diaz's job to chase down some of the world's most fascinating culinary stories. Whether hitting the streets in his hometown of Los Angeles or researching the future of food in outer space, he knows a thing or two about packing light, looking sharp and tapping into local culture on the road.

Antonio Diaz headshot

My next travel destination: San Francisco to shoot an episode for The Migrant Kitchen.

My go-to carry on bag: The Herschel Little America backpack. I'm constantly surprised by just how much junk can fit in this bag.

Three items I always have in my carry on: Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones to catch up on podcasts, a small Moleskine notebook to write notes / ideas / my agenda in-flight, and Jason Markk Quick Wipes (clean shoes, clear mind).

In-flight hydration of choice: A coke. I never drink soda except while in the air where ground rules don't apply.

Best airplane food experience: I make a point to eat a great meal before boarding, and I bring my own snacks.

Worst airplane food experience: When the above didn't happen!

Favorite airport in the world: Burbank! It's a small airport with no frills, noteworthy restaurants or special lounges, but it's 10x easier to get to than LAX, security lines are non-existent and you get to deplane from the back of the plane! This is how I feel when I find a domestic non-stop flight out of BUR.

Antonio Diaz Driving
One essential hack for frequent travel: The Mobile Passport App to speed through US Customs. Not many people know about it, so maybe I shouldn't be telling you about it...

Most interesting person I've met on a plane: I rarely spark conversations with my fellow travelers (the Bose headphones are a good indicator) but many years ago, on a flight to San Francisco, I was sitting next to a programmer who had his laptop open. He said he was working on a project that would change transportation forever. I simply shrugged and put my headphones back on, but from the corner of my eye, I noticed a map on his laptop screen with little cars on it. That project was Uber!

What my jet-set lifestyle has taught me: Two things: I love traveling alone. There is something therapeutic about it, and the feeling of relying completely on your own wits to a new destination can be thrilling. Secondly, traveling to new places and learning how other cultures live allows for a more empathetic and open mind.

Piazza by Antonio Diaz

Photos compliments of Antonio Diaz