A Holiday Shopper’s Guide to Kitchen Gifts

November 10, 2022

A Holiday Shopper’s Guide to Kitchen Gifts

Just about every family or friend group includes a foodie or two. Whether your brother considers himself a barbecue master, your sister is locally famous for her oh-so-yummy cupcakes or your best friend loves preparing gourmet meals at home, you probably have someone on your holiday shopping list who loves whipping up (and enjoying!) some sort of delectable goodies. Kitchen gifts are always a great option for these folks, but a regular old spatula or set of drinking glasses just won’t do. Let’s face it; anyone who loves working in the kitchen probably already has the basics covered. 

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So, what is the recipe for a perfect foodie gift? Something that combines form and function is your best bet. If it serves a functional purpose in the kitchen, unique and aesthetically pleasing, it would likely make a great gift. Remember that not all foodies want or need the same kitchenware. Your BBQ-slinging brother probably wouldn’t be very impressed with a cookbook that’s filled with cupcake recipes, after all. Things like environmentally friendly food storage containers are universal and typically a safe bet, but you’ll want to be careful when shopping for more specialized products. 

The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time to start shopping for the special foodie in your life. Whether your loved one enjoys preparing food, eating it or both, we have you covered in our holiday shopper’s guide to kitchen gifts. Keep reading to find the perfect present for anyone on your shopping list! 

food storage kitchen gifts

1. Food Storage Containers

Everyone needs food storage containers, whether they’re food lovers or not! No kitchen is complete without a means of storing leftovers, packing lunches, etc. While plenty of people stick to reusing takeout boxes, butter tubs, yogurt containers and other less-than-ideal storage solutions, there are much better and more eco-friendly options. 

If you want to give your loved one’s kitchen a much-needed upgrade this holiday season, consider helping them make the switch to stylish, sustainable containers from W&P. Our Porter collection includes lidded bowls, reusable silicone bags and more to help your pal keep their food fresh and organized. We even have insulated drinkware that works great for beverages, soups and other liquids. 

When you buy kitchenware from W&P, you won’t receive flimsy plastic containers. Instead, you’ll get food-grade storage products made from quality materials like borosilicate glass, ceramic, stainless steel and silicone. Everything is BPA-free and FDA-compliant too. Our food and drink containers are stylish and come in several colors and Terrazzo patterns. Your loved one will love their gift even more since many of our products are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

2. Personalized Drinkware

Why buy someone just any drinkware when you can get them personalized drinkware instead? From mugs to water bottles, we have a variety of beverage containers that you can customize with up to two lines of text (with 13 characters per line). Add your friend’s name, nickname, a short meaningful phrase or whatever else you can think of. Even if your intended recipient already has a large collection of insulated cups, bottles and tumblers, your personalized gift will surely become their favorite. In addition to the sentimental value the personalization adds, these are cups that keep drinks cold or hot all day long. And, like we said earlier, kitchen gifts that are functional and fun are always great options! 

3. Automatic Pan Stirrer

Crafting homemade sauces that delight the taste buds is no easy task. Many sauces require constant stirring, which is pretty tricky when you’re also trying to prepare the rest of your meal. That’s where an automatic pot stirrer comes in! This handy device continually stirs low-heat and simmering liquids, freeing the user up to work on other things. Just be sure to let your gift recipient know not to use it for boiling liquids. 

This clever time-saver is a must-have for anyone who loves cooking but has trouble keeping up with multiple elements at once. With this stirrer, your favorite foodie can just set the timer and start working on something else without needing to babysit the sauce.

air fryer on kitchen counter

4. Air Fryer

If you know someone who loves cooking, and they don’t already have an air fryer, definitely consider buying them one this holiday season. You may even want to buy an upgraded model if they already have a basic one. Air fryer accessories are a good option, too, if your pal already has one of these amazing appliances. 

So, why does an air fryer make such a great gift? For starters, these countertop cookers are incredibly versatile. In addition to coming in several sizes and styles, they can be used to cook all sorts of things. An air fryer can be used for almost anything you can think of, from heating up leftovers to "frying" a whole turkey without any oil. Even if the recipient prefers preparing gourmet meals using their oven and stove top, just about anyone would love to have an easier option for lazy days and evenings when spending the day hovering over a hot stove seems less-than-appealing. 

5. Pancake Batter Dispenser

Make pancake day easier for your friend or loved one by giving them a pancake batter dispenser this holiday season. They make the art of making the perfect pancake way less messy, and they work well for waffles, cupcakes and other batters too. Toss one in a gift basket along with some yummy mixes, and you’ll have a thoughtful kitchen gift for the food-lover in your life. 

cast iron kitchen gifts

4. Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven looks like a normal large pot, but it’s typically made from cast iron and designed to be used both on a cooktop and in the oven. Perfect for soups and stews, a Dutch oven is a must-have for anyone who loves cooking. The general shape of one of these ovens is fairly standard, but they come in multiple sizes. They’re available from many brands too. 

If you are unfamiliar with Dutch ovens, you’ll definitely want to check out a guide to learn more about them and find out which is best for your loved one. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping La Creuset Dutch oven to “wow” your recipient or something a bit more budget-friendly, there are plenty of options from which to choose. 

5. Handwritten Recipe Towel

Are you looking for a gift that’s simple yet packs a memorable punch? Consider having a tea towel customized with a handwritten recipe. This gift is an incredible way to transform a loved one’s handwritten recipe into a treasured keepsake that anyone would be proud to display in their kitchen. All you have to do is submit a clear scan or photo of the recipe, and the experts at LetteredHome will handle the rest. 

This gift is perfect for remembering a loved one who has passed. And if you are the foodie in your family, having one of your handwritten recipes printed on a tea towel is a lovely way of giving a gift (or gifts!) that will be treasured by future generations. 

6. Tablet Stand

Cookbooks still see plenty of use but, most of the time, cooks turn to their electronic devices when searching for new recipes. After all, the Internet has made it possible to figure out how to prepare every meal imaginable in just a few taps. Having a stand makes it much easier to read recipes while cooking or baking. Plus, your tablet is less likely to fall on the floor or get spilled on when it’s on a stand rather than just sitting on a counter.  

There are plenty of tablet stands from which to choose, but if you’re looking for one for the kitchen, the iPrep Tablet Holder from Prepara is a cut above the rest. It’s made specifically for the kitchen and features a weighted base and non-slip rubber grip to keep it in place on even the slipperiest countertops. It even comes with a stylus, so users don’t have to touch the screen with messy hands. This stand fits all popular tablet brands and works in portrait and landscape mode. It even works with smartphones. 

When dinner is ready, the iPrep Tablet Holder folds flat for easy storage in a drawer or cupboard. The stylus tucks inside the hinge, so your favorite cook will never have to worry about losing it. The design is simple, but the device makes a big difference in any kitchen. 

using meat thermometer

7. Digital Thermometer

Every cook needs a good digital thermometer. Most experienced cooks already have one, but if you are shopping for someone who has recently learned how to cook or moved into their own place for the first time, one of these kitchen essentials would make a great, budget-friendly gift. 

Look for an instant-read thermometer that’s suitable for cooking, baking, grilling, frying, barbecuing and candy making. Most are suitable for multiple applications but double-check to be sure. It just makes sense to buy one thermometer that works for everything the recipient could possibly want to use it for. Folding models are the most compact and easy to store in a drawer when not in use. Some also come with a magnet on the back. This style is handy for keeping the thermometer within easy reach by keeping it attached to the fridge. 

8. Multi-Chopper and Slicer

Do you know someone who loves cooking but doesn’t love how long it takes to prep everything? If they’re still cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing everything with a knife, consider upgrading them to a convenient multi-chopper and slicer. The Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1 will cut their prep time down significantly while helping them achieve uniform cuts and slices. 

With this device, your favorite foodie can chop, slice and grate everything from fruits and veggies to hard-boiled eggs. It comes with eight blades and doubles as a storage container for prepped foods. There are lots of different brands on the market, and most are relatively similar. The Mueller Pro-Series model is a good choice, but there are plenty of great alternatives. 

9. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Help the food lover in your life reduce their environmental impact by buying them a set of eco-friendly reusable mesh produce bags this holiday season. Rather than needing to use plastic bags from the store when grocery shopping, they’ll have their own bags. They’re BPA-free and completely safe for food contact. Plus, these strong-yet-lightweight bags won’t add weight to their fruits and vegetables at checkout. 

Each mesh bag replaces up to 1,000 disposable plastic produce bags, so buying your loved one a set can really help them reduce their use of single-use plastics in a significant way. And they’re easy to clean, so reusing them over and over is a breeze. These produce bags come in multiple sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. Shop around to find the ones that will best suit your loved one’s preferences. 

multi use pressure cooker gift idea

10. Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Much like air fryers, multi-use pressure cookers have become household essentials. Products like the Instant Pot® Duo™ prepare meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, making them ideal for busy families. Depending on what device you buy, your intended recipient could use one of these multi-use appliances as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, sous vide, steamer, sterilizer or even a saute pan. These machines are pretty amazing, and once your friend or family member tries one, they’ll be hooked! 

Closing Thoughts

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The holiday season is a wonderful time to give gifts your loved ones will truly enjoy. Rather than shopping for generic gifts, take the time to find things that truly match their interests. There are tons of kitchen goodies to choose from but, of course, we’re partial to our own food storage containers and insulated drinkware. Whatever you choose, we’re sure your recipient will love it! 


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