Tide is High

March 30, 2016

Tide is High

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Pineapple Tumbler


One of our favorite bars to hang out at in New York City is Mother of Pearl located in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan. This tiki bar is a tropical oasis and a welcomed escape from the bustling city. This week, we asked our friends at Mother of Pearl to share one of their tropical cocktail creations: The Tide is High. This cocktail is layered with flavor, perfect for the warmer days ahead. Now if only we were sitting at the beach with one of these in hand right now....

Tide is High
makes one cocktail

  • 3/4 oz lime juice
  • 3/4 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 1/2 oz cashew orgeat*
  • 3/4 oz mezcal
  • 3/4 oz reposado tequila
  1. Combine all ingredients in the shaker.
  2. Add ice to above the level of the liquid.
  3. Shake and pour into a tumbler over crushed ice.

* We suggest using this recipe to make your own cashew orgeat -- just swap almonds for cashews!